Owners of agricultural and industrial buildings can benefit tremendously from the efficiency and low life cycle cost of fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP). FRP is a high-strength, versatile option for protecting your agricultural investments, repairing roof leaks resulting from failing metal, and improving animal comfort.

The experts here at Stabilit America have created this guide to walk you through the benefits of FRP panels for the agricultural industry.

What Is FRP?

FRP is a material composite solution designed for industries that need durable roof and wall panels capable of resisting corrosion and rot. Resolite creates farm FRP sheets from a combination of fiberglass and plastic to create materials of varying strength levels and properties tailored to individual needs. Resolite commonly supplies FRP roof panels for free-stall applications where metal corrodes quickly, along with FRP wall panels designed for interior and exterior applications.

Why FRP Sheets for Farms?

FRP is a powerful construction solution for the agricultural industry, boasting unique properties that make it perfect for the challenges of this demanding field.

The following are a few of the primary benefits of FRP wall panels for farm use:

1. Moisture and Corrosion Resistance

Resolite panels resist corrosion from animal waste and chemicals, providing a long-term roofing solution. FRP panels will not rust, rot, or develop pinholes, unlike metal. The surface of FRP is also nonporous and resists moisture saturation, which makes it an excellent selection for both interior and exterior wall and roof applications.

2. Low Maintenance Requirements

FRP roof panels can be sprayed clean with ease and do not require coatings or pinhole repairs. The low porosity of the surface also limits debris and dirt from penetrating the substrate, so the surface is easy to maintain.

3. Longevity

FRP is designed to withstand animal waste and chemicals like fertilizers without degrading. FRP roof panels maintain their integrity and consistently keep free-stall environments dry and free from leaks resulting from degradation.

4. Simple Retrofits

Resolite free-stall roof panels offer excellent load-span characteristics and can typically be installed on existing structures without modification. FRP roof panels install much like metal, and most dairy owners and contractors can complete installation projects without special training, tools, or personnel.

Agricultural Applications

FRP wall panels for agriculture can help owners and operators in several application areas:

  • Dairy, pig, poultry and fish farms
  • Food processing and meat packing
  • Barns and loafing sheds
  • Greenhouses
  • Port facilities
  • Kennels
  • Storage facilities
  • Industrial buildings

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