• 25″ Flame spread rating – passed the ASTM E 84 Steiner Tunnel Test and achieved a 25″ flame spread rating.
  • Corrosion resistant – produced with a high quality halogenated vinyl ester resin.
  • Embossed surface – the interior (exposed) surface is embossed creating a resin rich surface to improve performance.
  • Multiple glass reinforcements – Tred-Safe DECK utilizes a combination of glass reinforcement including bidirectional continuous strand woven and chopped strand glass. This multi-layered glass fiber reinforcement assures installers and building owners that Tred-Safe DECK provides a safe working platform.
  • Outstanding performance – backed by over 50 years of case history in the corrosion and industrial segment.

Typical Applications

  • Greenhouses
  • Commercial storehouses
  • Warehouses

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A truly walkable fiberglass panel! Tred-Safe is a high end industrial building panel with incredible toughness. It is designed to safely support normal foot traffic and the weight of maintenance workers. With over 20 years of successful product installations, Tred-Safe is the industry’s premier choice for corrosion resistant roofing and sidewall solutions.
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