• Excellent resistance to corrosive environments
  • Weather-resistant, even at extreme temperatures
  • Less heat build-up inside
  • Lightweight


  • Easy, cheap and fast installation
  • Minimal maintenance

Typical Applications

  • Warehouses as wall & roof panels
  • Marine projects
  • Service stations
  • Any construction requiring roof and siding panels that are highly resistant to corrosive environments


industrial frp panels


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Factory Mutual

Over 60 years of production and development experience has gone into Resolite’s RFM panels. These panels were tested at Factory Mutual Research Center and have passed the Factory Mutual 25 and 50 foot Corner Test. (FM Global Standard 4880) Both tests were conducted on minimum 6’0″ spans to simulate real world conditions. Resolite RFM panels have also been tested and certified for the Canadian ULC S134.
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