Are you looking for additional information about our company and products? Below is a list of frequently asked questions our customer service team often encounters, from applications to buying locations to typical lead times. If you’re considering using our products for a future project but are unsure about the specifics, this page is an excellent place to start.

What Is FRP?

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) is a lightweight and flexible composite, sheet-form material suitable for nearly limitless applications across a broad industry range. The composition consists of glass fiber, polyester resins and other materials, making it more cost-effective and easier to install than most conventional materials. With the ability to withstand corrosion, impact and resist cracking, shattering and fading, FRP’s surface quality is much stronger and more durable.

How Are You Connected to Glasteel and Resolite?

Glasteel and Resolite are Stabilit America product brands.

What Does Fire-Rated Mean?

Fire class ratings classify materials by their propensity to maintain and spread fire and the characteristics of the smoke they produce. These factors correspond to a flame spread index (FSI), a numerical value indicating a material’s behavior during a 10-minute tunnel test. FRP panels typically come in Class C and Class A categories.

Can I Buy Products for My Personal Use Directly From Stabilit?

Stabilit only sells directly to distributors and similar entities. Consumers can reach out to local distributors for personal-use products, including Home Depot and other popular stores.

Do You Sell Translucent FRP?

Yes! Translucent FRP panels transmit 10% to 30% of the received natural light while offering superior durability and dimensional stability. These panels are UV-resistant and offer excellent weathering capabilities for applications like freight truck bodies and pup trailers.

What Is FRP used for?

FRP is a versatile and cost-effective option used for various applications in many industries, including wall and ceiling panels in construction, doors and roofs in transportation, greenhouse coverings in agriculture and much more. One of the most significant benefits of FRP is that it easily installs over existing walls or ceilings to add strength or repair damage.

What Makes Stabilit Different Than Other FRP Manufacturers?

Stabilit is the leading manufacturer of FRP panels in North America, offering the industry’s most comprehensive product selection. We pride ourselves on furnishing competitively priced, value-added products backed by world-class customer service. Our many global certifications emphasize our commitment to product quality and the environment.

What Is the Lead Time for a Typical FRP Order?

Our lead times range from one week for our standard items to a month for custom projects.

Can I Customize the Parts I Want to Order?

Yes! Our design and engineering teams can work with you to make your project vision a reality. We offer many of our products in custom sizes, shapes or colors to meet your application’s specific needs.

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