Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a newfound concern for hygiene spread through all industries. Workers, colleagues and customers seek a sanitized environment, especially in high-traffic spaces. In turn, industrial designers are choosing more protective elements.

One option designers can implement is hygienic wall panels. These antimicrobial surfaces can prevent viruses from spreading, leaving surfaces sterile for use. The panels inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and viruses, keeping high-traffic environments safe from the viral spread. They also resist stains and other high-impact contacts.

Read on to learn more about antimicrobial wall panels and how you can implement them in your application.

How Do Hygienic Panels Work?

Bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses can spread illness through contact with contaminated surfaces or via airborne transmission. Once you install hygienic panels, they only take minutes to stop microbial growth. For instance, if a sick person with germs on their hands touches the wall, the surface immediately starts acting against it. As more time passes, the antimicrobial materials continue removing bacteria.

The panels constantly work to remove any growth and keep the area clean. Many industries with high traffic levels seek sanitary solutions, and these panels can assist with bacteria control.

Schools are an excellent example of an environment that would benefit from hygienic panels. You could place them along school corridors to reduce the spread of bacteria to students and employees. If a student coughs or sneezes into their palm, then places their hand on the antimicrobial surface, the wall would immediately prevent the bacteria from spreading. Without the hygienic wall cladding, one sick student could facilitate bacterial spread throughout the school.

However, hygienic panels don’t eliminate the need for other cleaning measures. You use them in combination with regular cleaning practices to create an enhanced sanitary environment.

Hygienic panels usually consist of fiberglass-reinforced plastic. FRP panels are popular in many industries because of their lightweight consistency and easy maintenance. They consist of a plastic matrix reinforced with Fiberglass polymers, which creates a resilient surface. You can combine hygienic FRP panels to make a thoroughly sanitized area.

Overall, hygienic wall claddings can help you create a safe environment in any industry.

Why Choose Antimicrobial Surfaces?

benefits of antimicrobial frp panels

Choosing antimicrobial materials for your environment can help maintain health and safety. Consider these benefits if you’re thinking about installing antimicrobial wall panels.

  • Easy installation: You can install hygienic FRP panels directly over existing walls, allowing for a simple installation. If you want to add antimicrobial panels to an existing area, you can measure it, then install a panel of the same size. If you’re starting a new project, you can add hygienic wall claddings after the initial construction. Either way, the installation is simple and hassle-free.
  • Affordability: Hygienic wall claddings are also a cost-effective choice. Instead of paying costly replacement expenses, you can install the panels directly over existing surfaces. The antimicrobial materials can protect your surfaces for longer periods than typical tiles, saving you money in the long term.
  • Sanitary protection: The many sanitary benefits of antimicrobial surfaces make them worthwhile for all types of industries. The reduction of bacteria, viruses and mold growth keeps your workplace safe. Employees and visitors can feel protected and satisfied. The panels’ lack of porous material allows them to protect against bacterial growth for longer periods. Overall, you can maintain cleanliness with low effort.
  • Durability: Hygienic FRP panels can outlast typical wall panels. They are highly resistant to impacts and don’t crack easily. Their smooth surfaces prevent bacteria and other growth from building in seams. While they still require regular cleaning, you can wipe them easily and extend their life span even further.

Overall, hygienic wall panels are a cost-effective and durable choice for any environment.

Who Needs Antimicrobial Surfaces?

Hygienic wall claddings are an advantage in many industries. The panels can keep work environments cleaner, creating a more positive experience for employees and visitors.

These are examples of environments that would benefit from hygienic wall panels.

  • Hospitals and medical facilities: Health care is a prominent example of an industry with high sanitation requirements. It’s crucial to provide patients with high-quality care and keep employees safe. Health care facilities can apply antimicrobial surfaces in many areas, from surgical suites to hospital rooms and corridors. The panels make it easier to maintain a sanitized environment for patients and staff alike.
  • Food and beverage industry: The food industry also needs to meet high sanitation standards. Food preparation areas are susceptible to moisture and staining. Spills and moisture buildup can encourage bacterial growth, degrading the environment. Hygienic wall claddings can reinforce the area, improving stain resistance and creating a cleaner environment. You can install antimicrobial FRP panels in food preparation areas, food plants, sorting halls or storage rooms.
  • Transportation: With over 30 million uses each weekday in America, public transportation has one of the highest traffic rates of any industry. From subway cars to bus stations, it’s crucial to maintain a safe environment for the many users around the country. Hygienic FRP panels can reduce the buildup of bacteria and microbes on walls and other high-touch areas. You can easily install them over existing walls in vehicles and transportation stations.
  • Schools: Schools would also benefit from antimicrobial wall panels. They can reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria to the many students and employees in the building. With protection against bacteria growth and easier maintenance, the panels make it easier to maintain a clean environment for everyone.

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