Polycarbonate Multiwall is a high performance roofing sheet which has been designed for industrial, commercial, architectural and domestic applications where insulating glazing is required.

Macrolux AM polycarbonate anti-microbial sheets are high-performance wall and roofing panels designed for agricultural and greenhouse applications to optimize for cleanliness while allowing light in.

Excellent lightweight resistant material fabricated with the High-tech Macrolux polycarbonate resin of Bayer.

It has a high resistance to harmful effects of weather, including hail damage and surface erosion. Additionally provides UV protection.

Macrolux® Solid compact sheets are the ideal solution in fields of application where impact resistance and excellent light transmission are primary requirements: glazing, parapets, canopies, skylights, curved roofing systems, signage in general, neon signs, road signs, noise barriers. Macrolux® Solid sheets come in thicknesses ranging from 3 mm to 15 mm, in a choice of translucent and opaque colours.

Macrolux specialized polycarbonate systems can be used as trapezoidal sheets, modular locking systems, sheets for ceilings combined with existing metallic structures and self-supporting solutions.

Macrolux Systems is specially indicated for ceilings and partitions in the field of civil and industrial construction. Our specialized polycarbonate systems are guaranteed during a period of 10 years against yellowing, light transmission loss and atmospheric agents.


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